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SKYsmoke CLOUDS e-liquid Fruity Feast

Combination of cherry, cranberry and juicy fruits. Sweet, mild and summery vape experience.

Price 9.70
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SKYsmoke CLOUDS series is created especially for vapers, who are looking for a special vape experience. All SKYsmoke CLOUDS series liquids are made using a completely unique  ingredients. The series is aimed primarily for DL (Direct Lung) style vaping and is meant to be used in devices, which resistance is less than 0.5 ohm and the device can be used in variable wattage or temperature control mode. This kind of devices will bring out the special taste characteristics and unique flavor nuances. The composition of the liquid gives lots of vapor and guarantees intense and pure flavor. Liquid contains natural and artificial flavoring additives - this is due to complex flavor combinations. CLOUDS series liquids are made of high purity base components PG and VG, with relation 70PG/30VG. Nicotine content 3mg and 6mg.