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Indiana Э-жидкость "Gurmee"

The Indiana e-liquid from the Nicorex Gurmee range has a smooth eastern tobacco flavour with a rich aftertaste. We recommend this e-liquid for everybody. Even if you do not like classic tobacco flavours , then this e-liquid might surprise you!

Цена 9.70
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The Nicorex Gourmet is a new range of e-liquids which, as the name implies, is designed for users who prefer to vape like a true gastronomer and enjoy finely tuned combinations of tastes. In every gourmet product, the raw materials play an essential role - therefore, the Nicorex Gourmet range uses authentic flavours manufactured from source ingredients of the highest purity. Another aspect that distinguishes the Gourmet range from standard ranges is the different ratio between VG and PG which is 70/30 for Gourmet. For users, this means a richer and softer taste, and more vapour .
The Gourmet range is available as a set of 4+2 at a price of EUR 39.7: buy here >