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From 01.07.2019 it is not allowed by Estonian law, to buy and sell e-cigarette products via e-shop.

How vaping improves the quality of life

Today, e-cigarettes have established themselves on the market and most smokers have at least tried if not bought the device. Some years ago, smokers had to tolerate the smoke stink that followed them like a shadow and suffer from a number of health problems inevitably caused by smoking. Back then, only few were aware of the possibility of using e-cigarettes and the majority of smokers see vapers as funny aliens from another planet who suck on a smoking pen.

Today, the fragrant e-cigarette is not new to anyone. Below is an overview of the opportunities of improving the quality of life by replacing regular cigarettes with e-cigarettes.

People who have remained loyal to regular cigarettes argue that cigarette breaks give a reason to move to another environment and stretch your legs whereby it is convenient to focus your thoughts or listen to the legendary smoking room stories. E-cigarette users have a much wider selection of available venues. They can also stretch their legs and socialise in the smoking room if they like, or take a break - the difference is that when they return from the break their breath, nostrils and hands do not radiate the embarrassingly unpleasant cigarette butt stink.

Once the body odours of the e-cigarette user have normalised, it can only get better from there. If the goal is to feel and look better, you have all the odds.

It is a known fact that vapers have better stamina than smokers whose lungs are filled with tar and carbon monoxide. If a vaper starts a training program, his performance will be much better compared to a smoker. Specifically, the smoker's muscles do not get enough oxygen because the tar and carbon monoxide present in the lungs prevent oxygen from entering the circulatory system causing the muscles to suffer from oxygen deficit. Therefore, if a vaper starts a training program, his body will be in good shape notably faster and the vaper can feel happy and confident about his nice muscular tone.

It is no secret that one of the most common problems accompanying smoking is the pigmentation of teeth which fosters the development of dental cavities. Vapers have a considerable advantage when it comes to dental hygiene - water vapour does not cover the teeth with a yellowish layer. Therefore, vapers are more confident and smile more. Smiling and laughter are catchy and brighten up your life.

Because vaping is cheaper than smoking the increasingly expensive regular cigarettes, vapers save money compared to smokers. It has been calculated that vapers save annually about one average salary compared to smokers. This provides the opportunity to take up physical exercise, take care of your health, travel, learn or simply buy fashionable clothing. Vapers have more possibilities for refreshing their body and mind.

Once you have started to improve the quality of your life, your self-confidence will grow inconspicuously. Vapers are more confident from the very first days after quitting regular cigarettes - they are no longer restricted by the unpleasant social status and in a sense they are considered better persons by the community. Self-confidence will build every day as anyone would feel great in a nicely smelling and shaped body. The feeling of satisfaction attracts joy, adventures, opportunities or, in other words, meaningful life.