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From 01.07.2019 it is not allowed by Estonian law, to buy and sell e-cigarette products via e-shop.

How to find a suitable vape shop?

Everybody has their own habitual places, shops, facilities for acquiring certain commodities. In most cases, the choice is based on convenience - for example, a certain shop or outlet is simply nearby or offers fast service. Many have accepted that convenience is rarely combined with high quality and professional service.

What’s the situation in our business? Our mission is to provide top quality service and globally recognised brands selected according to specific properties without compromising convenience. If your goal is to find a suitable e-cigarette shop, watch out for the following characteristics.

Professional vape store - 4 characteristics

• Solid product range – you should look at the product range offer by the vapour shop. Is it a wholesaler focused on quantity or are the products carefully selected and tested? How do you feel about the product range? The shop should not offer products that the seller would not dare to use. Are the e-liquids high-quality, tested, and registered with the EU database?
• Quality products – you might not know everything before you buy. However, you should pay attention to the following: product descriptions (if Google Translate has been used, for instance), the brand (is the brand recognised and which products are offered), customer reviews (are there any comments or testimonials available).
• Professional customer service – the online vape store and the reseller must comply with certain standards. Today, customer service staff are not merely salespersons - they are also professionals who know everything about their field and whom the customer can trust. Are there channels available for customer inquiries, problems and feedback? What kind of options are available for ordering? Can you order the products to be shipped abroad? Discretely? Is the sales process solely oriented to striking the deal or does the online vape shop offer added value to customers?
• Availability of research results and information. E-cigarettes have generated a lot of discussion in the community. However, extensive discussion often entails misinterpretations. It is essential to make various articles, research and thorough product information available to interested parties and concerned consumers. Advice and comments, e.g. in the form of videos, demonstrate that the supplier cares about the well-being of its customers.
• Availability of warranty – this means that the supplier has confidence in the goods it offers. In this context, e-cigarettes are comparable to other electronic consumer goods - this means safety of use and warranty against manufacturing defects.

The rest is only personal preference. The trustworthiness and professionalism implied by these characteristics provide assurance about your choices.

A good vapour store allows informed shopping

All steps - before, during and after the purchase - must be seamless. Throughout the e-cigarette purchase process, you should pay attention to the above criteria and check whether the shop awards you with the statutory right of return should any problems arise.

If the e-cigarette store provides the required information, goods and maybe even more and if the purchase process is as convenient and safe as possible, you have found the right one.

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