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Geekvape Aegis Solo + Innokin Zenith kit

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The beautiful design of Aegis Solo coupled with the ease of use of Innokin Zenith makes this a perfect kit for everyday use!

Geekvape is a world-famous e-cigarette manufacturer and their newest mod is ultra-compact, light and ergonomic - Aegis Solo!
Geekvape Aegis Solo has been designed to perfectly fit in your hand and it fires up to 100W on a single 18650 battery.

The Zenith atomizer is a collaboration between Phil Busardo, Dimitris Agrafiotis, and Innokin. The goal was to create an easy and intuitive to use mouth to lung (MTL) replaceable coil-head atomizer.
The Zenith features an easy top fill twist design that will automatically shut off the liquid flow when filling in order to prevent flooding and gurgling, an adjustable airflow, and an easy and clean method to replace the coil.
The tank is designed for the beginning and experienced vapor alike looking for a quality MTL experience in an affordable package.

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