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From 01.07.2019 it is not allowed by Estonian law, to buy and sell e-cigarette products via e-shop.

Frequently asked questions

Questions and answers concerning e-cigarettes, the Nicorex brand and ordering:

Yes, smoking e-cigarettes reduces your monthly expenses about three-fold.


Yes, the use of e-cigarettes maintains habits similar to smoking, and once you've selected an e-liquid to your taste, e-cigarettes will nicely satisfy your smoking needs. In doing so, you'll avoid 4000 harmful chemicals and the unpleasant smoke smell.

We recommend selecting e-cigarettes according to their battery power. An occasional smoker would find Delta Slim, Ambassador or a single-use e-cigarette suitable. People who smoke one pack per day should select an e-cigarette kit which includes two batteries, e.g. Sigma 900, or e-cigarettes with new ceramic coils like Eta (with 1100 or 2200 mAh batteries) or Xi. Heavier smokers should opt for kits which include 2200 mAh batters and atomizers with larger ceramic coils.

It certainly makes sense to monitor oneself and rely on your gut feeling. Excessive consumption could cause sweating, dizziness and nausea.

Nicorex provides a wide range to satisfy every taste and need. The quality of our products is high, inspected and certified. Our products feature innovative technologies and functions. We offer only the best because our ultimate goal is a satisfied customer. We want the users of Nicorex to always have a better product than that of their "neighbour"

Depending on the time of placing the order, the parcel should be delivered to Estonia in about 1-2 days. Delivery to Finland takes 3-5 days.

In the case of cash-on-delivery (COD) parcels you'll pay for the goods using your bank card at the time of receipt at the Omniva or Smartpost parcel terminal.


E-cigarettes are tens of times less harmful than regular ones. Regular cigarettes feature three main harmful components: carbon monoxide, tar and nicotine (with nicotine being the least harmful to health), plus further 4,000 harmful components but their concentrations are relatively low. E-cigarettes contain only one harmful substance: nicotine.

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Questions and answers concerning the atomizers of e-cigarettes

Usually, atomizers with a bottom coil suffer from leaks. Whilst not using the e-cigarette, you should store a bottom coil atomizer upside down to keep the liquid from getting out.  Atomizers with bottom coil leak, if they are stored at colder temperatures and then introduced to room temperature. Warmer environment causes the liquid to expand which might lead to leaks. The second reason is that the liquid level is too low which causes the loss of vacuum in the atomizer. The liquid level in the tank should be kept above 1/3. The third reason is that there could be a crack in the glass/plastic parts of the atomizer. This allows extra air to access the atomizer causing the loss of vacuum. In this case, the glass should be replaced.

Slurping is usually caused by the leaking of liquid from the atomizer.

The liquid becomes darker because nicotine is photosensitive and reacts to light and heat. Natural flavours contribute to this process. This is a normal phenomenon which has no negative effects. In some e-cigarettes, the liquid turns dark faster than in others because the batteries of some e-cigarette brands provide excessive voltage which causes the singing of liquid. The change in colour is certainly the slightest in atomizers using BVC coils.

New atomizers with ceramic (BVC) coils are free from this problem. Sigma (CE4) atomizers singe, if the liquid level is too low in the atomizer and the atomizer has not been turned upside down for a moment before smoking. Turning upside down helps the liquid to reach the coil at the top.

The useful life of Sigma CE4 and MT3 atomizers is 20-40 ml of liquid depending on the level of sweetness of the liquid. The useful life of ceramic BVC coils is up to two times longer.

Fill the atomizer at the right time and avoid the liquid level dropping too low.

The liquid could enter your mouth if it leaks (see Section 2.1). Liquid could enter your mouth also due to the condensate which builds up whilst smoking and floods the air channel. You have certainly noticed liquid drops on the air channel walls after using the e-cigarette - this is the condensate which should be removed from the air channel from time to time. The easiest way to do this is to shake the air channel until clean - just like with old thermometers - with the mouthpiece facing downwards.

All atomizers should always be filled to the maximum level indicated on the atomizer. Avoid over-filling of CE4 type atomizers. NB! Atomizers should never be smoked completely dry as doing so seriously damages the atomizer.

1.5 millilitres of liquid equals about one pack of regular cigarettes.

Replaceable coils and cheaper, and replaceable ceramic coils last longer, providing more taste and smoke.

Yes they are, provided that the batteries have a stabilised voltage of 3.7 Volts. However, most other battery brands have non-stabilised voltage and could singe Sigma atomizers.

Ceramic coils feature lower resistance, hence consuming more power. The stronger the current, the more heat it generates and emits. This is normal.

The amount and intensity of vapour are reduced. The taste becomes faint.

Reduce voltage/wattage. Replace with a new coil.

It is a low-resistance atomizer which generates a massive amount of vapour of a higher temperature. Therefore, you need to use liquids with lower nicotine content to achieve the same "hit". As the air flow of Sub-Ohm atomizers is higher, it is inhaled straight into the lungs like a hookah.

It is a matter of taste, but the general rule is that the higher you adjust the battery wattage, the more you should open the air intake vent of the atomizer to achieve a short yet intense puff.

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Questions and answers concerning the e-liquid of e-cigarettes

The liquid becomes darker because nicotine is photosensitive and reacts to light and heat. Natural flavours contribute to this process. This is a normal phenomenon which has no negative effects. In some atomizers, the liquid turns dark faster than in others. The liquid turns dark faster in atomizers using batteries with non-stabilised voltage which causes overvoltage and singing of the liquid in the atomizer.  All Nicorex batteries have stabilized voltage to avoid overvoltage. The change in colour is certainly the slightest in atomizers using BVC coils.

One 10ml bottle of liquid equals about seven packs of regular cigarettes.

About five packs, provided that you select a liquid of proper strength for yourself.

18mg is for smokers who are used to smoking 1 to 2 packs of regular cigarettes per day. 12mg is for those who are used to smoking up to 1 pack of regular cigarettes per day, and 6mg for those smoking less than 10 cigarettes daily.

The preservation time of e-liquids is up to 2 years.  It is recommended to store e-liquids in a cool place.

The can be stored in cold conditions but not in sunlight.

The price of liquids depends on the purity of constituents. The purer the constituents, the more expensive they are.

The taste preferences of people are so varied that we really recommend to try them out yourself to find your favourites. If you are used to smoking regular cigarettes, the mboro taste would be a safe choice. Those who prefer menthol could try menthol or mojito tastes. E-liquids with different tastes can be mixed together in an atomizer to create a cocktail of your favourite tastes.

18mg is for smokers who are used to smoking 1 to 2 packs of regular cigarettes per day. 12mg is for those who are used to smoking up to 1 pack of regular cigarettes per day, and 6mg for those smoking less than 10 cigarettes daily.

Nicorex e-liquids are made of the purest ingredients and nicotine is derived from natural tobacco. Low cost e-liquids are made of very cheap ingredients and the nicotine is of non-natural origin - the entire liquid is based on cheap chemicals.

Propylene glycol 40%, vegetable glycerine 40%, distilled water, natural flavours and nicotine.

Some people are allergic to propylene glycol. The probability of being allergic is about 1 out of 1,000.

For example, if the user has a BVC coil and sucks too hard, the coil is unable to properly vaporise the liquid? BVC coils could be characterised by the slogan „Less is more!“. The other possibility is that a drop of liquid builds up in the air channel of the BVC coil. This could happen at the first puff and liquid could squirt into the mouth, if using the atomizer for the first time after a longer period of non-use.

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Questions and answers concerning the batteries of e-cigarettes

The warranty period for batteries is 3 months, but in normal use they last for about one year. The life span of batteries is approximately 300 charging cycles.

2 to 4 containers depending on the battery capacity and atomizer size.

It takes about 3 hours to charge a 1100mAh battery and about 5 to 6 hours to charge a 2200mAh battery. As the rated output of an USB charger is 420 mAh, you need to divide the battery capacity by the USB charger's output to obtain the charging time in hours.

Yes, because the chargers are equipped with overcharge protection.

The battery can hold charge for a considerably shorter period.

In most cases, these are mechanical breakdowns caused by pressing the button too hard.

The atomizer's useful life has been exhausted or the middle pin on the battery does not come into contact with the atomizer. The pin does not come into contact with the atomizer because the atomizer or charger has been screwed too tightly on the battery, depressing the pin permanently so that it no longer touches the atomizer. A quick solution would be to try and lift the battery pin carefully with a sharp object.

Incorrect use (frequent and intermittent charging) can render the battery unusable in a few months. The useful life of the battery is 300 charging cycles, but charging the battery for only 2, 5 or 10 minutes causes the useful life to shorten by one charging cycle every time.

Be sure to charge the battery completely (to 100%, i.e. until the battery indicator goes out). The battery life depends also on its wattage - the greater the wattage or smaller the atomizer's resistance, the faster the battery is discharged.

In the wattage mode, the battery recognises the atomizer's resistance and adjusts the voltage accordingly. In wattage mode, the e-cigarette generates a consistent amount of vapour regardless of the different atomizers or coils

It allows adjusting the amount of vapour to change the intensity and temperature of vapour.

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