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From 01.07.2019 it is not allowed by Estonian law, to buy and sell e-cigarette products via e-shop.

Five important steps to quit smoking

According to the National Institute for Health Development, 26% of the adult population in Estonia or just over 231,000 individuals smoke on daily basis. If these people could choose again whether or not to start smoking, the majority would choose not to. However, you cannot turn back time meaning that getting a second chance is more likely in a science fiction movie. Nevertheless, all these people have the power to make a decision. The decision to quit smoking.

1. Take control!

The first and most important step for quitting smoking is making that decision. To convince yourself to make this decision, take time and think through what would change in your life if you no longer smoked. Think about the money you would save. Imagine what you could do with more energy and time. Once you have determined for yourself the most important reasons why life without smoking is better, make the definitive decision to quit smoking.

2. Set up an action plan

It is essential to determine further course of action and stick to the plan. Find the most appropriate method for yourself to quit smoking. If you find that quitting abruptly suits you well, throw/give away your open pack of cigarettes and stay away from the cigarette stand in the shop. If you feel that the extreme method is not for you, make the decision to reduce smoking gradually. It is important to set milestones and determine how many cigarettes you may smoke each day from a certain date onwards.

3. Find a support tool

Make a conscious decision as to what would support you in the course of quitting. Surely, excessive eating is not recommended and you should find a more useful replacement activity which directs your thoughts away from smoking. Whether it's chewing gum, a phone call to a friend or an aid available from a pharmacy - find what suits you. Many people have relied on e-cigarettes whilst quitting smoking. The advantage of e-cigarettes compared to numerous aids designed to help quit smoking is the imitation activity which helps you forget regular cigarettes quickly.

4. Give yourself credit for every small victory

Whatever the method you choose for smoking, each step forward takes you closer to achieving the ultimate goal. At the moment you decided to quit smoking, you took control and you make the decisions. Have you managed to say "no" to the smoking room team or abstain from lighting a cigarette under great pressure? If so, you are certainly on the right path and able to withstand the fading addiction. You are steadfast and should acknowledge it.

5. Note what is going on in your cigarette-free life

Note what has improved in your life and feel happy about that. Calculate how much money you have managed to save and think what you could do with it. Whether you take up physical exercise or save for a trip - you decide. Have you started to feel better and sense like some new energy is flowing through your body? Think about what to do with that energy. Will you spend more time with friends and family? Will you devote more time and energy to working? Will you take up physical exercise? You make the decision.