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В связи с изменениями в Законе о табаке, начиная с 1.07.2019 запрещена продажа э-сигарет и э-жидкостей через интернет-магазины.

Eleaf iStick Amnis 2

Цена 45.00

Eleaf iStick Amnis 2 - start without compromise!

Introducing the new iStick Amnis 2. Combining a simple, gorgeous and inventive design, iStick Amnis 2 packs all the functionalities in a minimalist design.

User-Friendly and Adjustable Power Modes
To select a power mode, you only need to press the Power Control Button to switch between all the 5 modes available.

1100mAh Built-in Battery
Minimalist design but big on battery, iStick Amnis 2 is built with a long-lasting 1100mAh battery.

Intuitive Battery Life Indicators
Battery life can easily be noticed by a simple glance at the LED light around the fire button.

Big Battery Comes with USB Type-C
With USB Type-C, your charging of iStick Amnis 2 becomes easier.

Smart Childproof Refilling System
The tank is solidly designed with a smart lock system to prevent accidental opening, while still allowing easy and leak-free refilling.

Easy Coil Change
The GT coils are thread-free, making coil change a breeze.

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