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From 01.07.2019 it is not allowed by Estonian law, to buy and sell e-cigarette products via e-shop.

E-cigarettes keep premises and clothes free of smell

Regular cigarettes leave their mark on personal health and the surrounding environment. One of the most notable effects is the smell that is quite difficult to get off your clothes. However, e-cigarettes normally cause no smell problems as there is no process that creates smell.


Surely, we all have had unpleasant experiences with cigarette smell. You are glad to move into your new rental apartment just to discover that on the day of your inspection visit the owner had successfully managed to suppress the cigarette smell on bedroom walls. You think very highly of someone but that someone likes to hug when you meet and his coat smells like a night club's smoking room. The smoker's problems become the problems of people around him. The smoker himself is actually facing quite a challenge. Even if he intends to quit this harmful habit and has enough willpower to substitute his addiction with something else, the cigarette smell will still haunt him for quite a while. And what's even worse - the person might not notice the usual smell himself. The rule of thumb says that if you can smell of a hint of cigarette on you, others have surely smelled it long before.


E-cigarettes leave you free of smell. There is no culprit - smoke. In the worst case scenario, an odour originating from the e-liquid that you have chosen according to your preferences will linger around for a moment. As e-cigarettes emit vapour, any damage caused by deposits is minimal - notably smaller than that caused by aerosols or cooking. In comparison, the hard to remove cigarette smell can develop even if you have smoked only a few cigarettes. Problems can be avoided by using the e-cigarette in a well ventilated area that certainly does not mean going to the balcony, or near the kitchen window or fireplace like regular smokers. Fortunately, most modern buildings and residential premises are equipped with proper ventilation solutions so that normally you should have no concerns.


As mentioned above, regular cigarettes emit smoke whereas e-cigarettes do not. Smoking of regular cigarettes entails the burning of various ingredients which is not a very clean process, and the emitted smell catches on easily and then persists.

Because e-cigarettes create vapour by heating and not burning and they contain a much smaller number of ingredients, they do not cause notable deposits that could be smelled. E-cigarette user experiences are readily available and the overall notion is that even if any smell is present in the air, it does not remain there for long and blends in with other routine smells like those from baking or burning of scented candles (naturally, this depends on the e-liquid). Normally, clothes catch smell only if they come into direct contact with the liquid but that can be washed off easily.


In conclusion, one could argue that, in terms of smell, e-cigarettes differ from regular cigarettes as follows:

• E-cigarettes leave no smell. Compare to the stink of smoke that could linger for years on the walls and in the clothes, the e-cigarette smell persists only in poorly ventilated areas.
• There are a variety of choices. The smell depends on the used e-liquid and that can be changed as desired.
• Any problems are easier to tackle. If any e-liquid is spilled on clothing, its smell can be removed more easily than that the smell of smoke that results from burning.