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From 01.07.2019 it is not allowed by Estonian law, to buy and sell e-cigarette products via e-shop.

E-cigarette or electronic cigarette

Would you believe it if someone told you that you can smoke

without damaging your own health and the health of others?
at home, in a café or bar, in the club, anywhere you want!
without stinking of smoke
without using matches or a lighter
without having to buy increasingly more expensive packs of cigarettes

Sound exciting?
We all know that smoking is bad for your health. However, many people can't or don’t want to kick the habit. The problem has been studied for many years and a solution has finally been found. Six years ago, scientists found an alternative to harmful ordinary cigarettes - the e-cigarette.
Scientists developed this unique device, which can now be used for several different purposes:

as a healthier alternative to ordinary cigarettes - you can change ordinary cigarettes for an e-cigarette
something that helps you reduce smoking -
you can smoke both cigarettes alternatively
something that helps you quit smoking - the e-cigarette makes the process smoother
smoking costs less - using an e-cigarette costs less than ordinary cigarettes

Have you thought about why you might use an e-cigarette? Is it because you like to smoke but are worried about your health? An electronic cigarette allows you to carry on smoking, but in a manner that is healthier and more stylish. Or would you like to quit smoking for good? If this is the case, an e-cigarette will support you during the transition period. Smokers say that the hardest obstacle to overcome when they try to quit is to find a replacement for the specific movements associated with smoking, which is also the reason why products like chewing gum, patches, etc. don't often help people who want to quit. One of the main advantages of an e-cigarette is that the smoker can continue with the movements that imitate smoking.

Practical advice for E-cigarette users

Once you have decided to spare your health and save money, you will probably have a lot of questions. Find the answers here.

Does the e-cigarette damage health?
E-cigarettes do not damage your teeth or lungs, or damage the health of the people around you (children, spouse/partner or parents). Ordinary tobacco smoke contains more than 4000 chemicals; e-smoke contains propylene glycol, glycerine and fragrances. The human body also produces nicotine, and it can be found in tomatoes, cauliflower, potatoes, etc. Although e-smoking is a pleasant activity, smoking an e-cigarette more than ordinary cigarettes is not recommended. You should smoke your e-cigarette about as often as ordinary ones.

Does an e-cigarette emit smoke?
Yes, it does. The smoke appears as the e-liquid vaporises.

What should I bear in mind when choosing an e-cigarette?
One of the most common reasons why people are disappointed in e-cigarettes is the low quality of the device. Just like any items, the quality of e-cigarettes can also range from low to high. We advise you to choose quality to make sure that you enjoy the healthier way of smoking. You can deduce the quality of an e-cigarette by checking the following qualities of the product:
the battery must last long enough - the power of available batteries is different (100 ma/h to 1200 ma/h) A battery with low power does not let you enjoy your e-cigarette for long - you may have to have it connected to the mains most of the time. In the worst case, you will soon give up on the e-cigarette and return to your former unhealthy habits. If you usually smoke a pack a day, you should choose a battery that is at least 500 ma/h. This will last 1-2 days. NICOREX batteries have 640 ma/h of power and they also come in a handy size. We also offer 900 ma/h batteries as accessories. The more powerful the battery, the larger it is in size.
charging must be fast, easy and convenient - TANK and cartridge systems are outdated, because they leak, and filling them is a messy, sticky and time-consuming job. NICOREX has developed the newest solution – you unscrew the atomiser from the mouthpiece, tip the liquid inside, screw the mouthpiece back on and the e-cigarette is ready to use.
• The liquid in the atomiser should not run out too fast
- it obviously depends on how much you smoke, but there are other things you can keep your eye on. The atomiser should be big enough so you don't have to keep refilling it all the time. The denser the consistency of the liquid, the longer it lasts. Refills based on propylene glycol are best.


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