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В связи с изменениями в Законе о табаке, начиная с 1.07.2019 запрещена продажа э-сигарет и э-жидкостей через интернет-магазины.

C динамиком мод Wismec Active

Цена 45.00 -25%

Product Introduction

When a mod comes with wireless, what will happen? The stunning WISMEC ACTIVE will show you. Adopting the innovative Bluetooth technology, WISMEC ACTIVE can serve as an e-cig and a speaker. Moreover, the stylish box mod designed to be water-resistant and shockproof, the masterpiece is now born and combines with built-in 2100mAh battery 80W output power. Every detail is meticulously designed and elaborately crafted, whether, from the design, the material or the workmanship, you’ll find it a desirable vaping device. Advanced technology, multiple functions, WISMEC ACTIVE will be a new legend of the vaping industry.

Not Only A Fantastic E-cig But Also An Innovative Bluetooth Speaker

WISMEC ACTIVE is shaped like a speaker, giving the whole kit an attractive and fashionable look. Hold it in your hand, you can feel the charm from the unique mod. Vaping while enjoying music, everything is possible.

100% Water resistant, Vaping at Ease

WISMEC ACTIVE is designed with water-resistant technology, it can still play music underwater. Moreover, you can still enjoy your vaping even if the device has been damped by water or rained.

Shockproof yet Shatter-resistant, First-class Quality

Protected by the silicone case, there is no need to worry about breaking your device by accident. If you remove the outer silicone case, please do not drop it deliberately, otherwise, it may damage the battery internally or compromise its water-resistant capability.

Compact yet Portable, A Must-have for Vapers on the Go

Coming with the hook, the WISMEC ACTIVE can be hooked onto your backpack or trouser loop conveniently. With the company of such multifunctional mod, won’t your journey or life be more wonderful?

Colorful Silicone Case, Each one is Unique

The silicone case is endowed with gorgeous colors, each one is unique and attractive. It’s believed that the colorful silicone case will be a big plus to the legendary mod.

Size: 55,6 x 26,6 x 94,5 (mm)
Weight: 166,4g
Output modes: Power / Bypass / Temp. / TCR
Output wattage: 1-80W
Charging current: 2A
Battery: 2100mAh

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